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The CannaSense Model Explained by Daniel Louis Crumpton; Health Through Medical Cannabis In USA

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Our Vision at and CannaSense Total Wellness attracts, educates, and helps patients who require additional medical options. The stream of misleading cannabis information has left many individuals confused about the medical benefits of improving their lives today. Recalling the change from reefer madness to medical cannabis therapies to recreational usage while still being classified as a Schedule 1 drug with heroin is mind-boggling. CTW is prepared to declare that it is safe to come out and discover the medicinal cannabis benefits that they are missing. If only a small percentage of nearly 76 million people become more educated to modern-day cannabis perspectives, then our vision to improve millions of lives “responsibly” will be realized. It’s time to align cannabis perspectives with newer generations to cast our votes together and advocate changes that will improve the quality of life with medicinal cannabis. Whether one suffers from chronic pain or is in prison for taking the risk to self-medicate, our advocacy and method to legally access medical cannabis are ready to address this problem today.

   We respect the laws designed to protect us, and absent of any that govern the characteristics and consequences of using “today’s” cannabis, we have developed commonsense policies. We are committed to providing a high grade, discernible strains that yield predictable effects when prescribed in standardized dosing for qualified medical conditions. We are prepared to educate and help those who have avoided legal consequences at the expense of their health to gain legal access and use of medical cannabis. And for those who continue to risk imprisonment or loss of a job to self-medicate, we will enable their right to avoid the pitfalls of procuring street-level cannabis.

   We will also continue to educate, lobby, and vote to legalize medicinal cannabis for all adults while emphasizing that it can lead to misuse like any other consumable product. Besides, we commit to providing education to the general population relative to the science behind medical cannabis. We will also lobby for children to ensure they receive the real facts of why cannabis, drugs, and alcohol, must be avoided in their formative years. Through truth, legalization, and education, the medicinal benefits of cannabis will supplant recreational perceptions, and our vision for change will be realized. Let the people and their doctors control their medical cannabis decisions before big business greed takes over. Today, the tipping point for change is that we are ready to lead the charge and enable legal access for all qualified patients to medicinal cannabis through our proven system.

   Our mission is to educate potential and existing patients on the benefits of medical cannabis and how to safely and legally access it at an affordable price. Seniors, veterans, disabled people, and almost anyone seeking pain relief could benefit from medical cannabis. We also help frame cannabis issues from a social perspective while sharing important technical and medical information from across the world.  With information rooted in science and medicine, we use facts and studies to dismiss the propaganda that has belied cannabis throughout its history.

We pledge to continue our mission until safe access to quality medicinal cannabis is guaranteed for all qualified patients.
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